Georgetown 2030 Plan

Downtown Master Plan

Over the years the City of Georgetown has worked hard to maintain its character while also maximizing opportunities for economic development and for enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Many planning decisions have been made carefully, with close consideration of the impacts and benefits of development and recognition of long-term city policies. The importance of current decisions spurred by recent growth and of maintaining the small town character of the downtown is evident in community involvement in the planning process. The Downtown Master Plan seeks to provide a framework for the citizens of Georgetown to use in planning for the future of the downtown.

Georgetown is a community of around 50,000 located approximately 26 miles north of Austin. Known for its rich history, Georgetown has over 180 homes and buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was the recipient of the Great American Main Street Award in 1997, the first Texas city ever so recognized. The city has also been named the #2 “Best Places in the Country to Live and Launch” by Fortune Small Business Magazine, was in the top “12 Best Places to Buy an Old House” by This Old House, was’s “2008 Best Town Square” and more recently was given the First Lady’s Texas Treasures Award.

The City of Georgetown has enjoyed unprecedented growth and economic development in the past 10 years. The Downtown Master Plan, adopted in 2003, served as a vision to guide decisions and encourage investment in the Downtown District. Many of the goals outlined in the plan have been accomplished through public and private investments and the City is ready to revise the Downtown Master Plan to continue developing the vision for the Downtown District.

2013 Downtown Master Plan Update Process

The update of the 2003 Downtown Master Plan was a collaborative effort between City Staff, the Downtown Master Plan Advisory Committee and residents of the community to shape the continued growth of our historic downtown. The Downtown Master Plan Update process will included multiple opportunities for public input in identifying opportunities and developing the goals for the Downtown.

The plan update began in July 2013 and culminated with its adoption in March 2014.  As the Plan was revised, we strived to maintain our historical character, invest in economic development that not only enhances the lives of area residences, but increases the sustainability and financial standing of Georgetown. We sought the input of local residents, as our number one stakeholders, to guide and shape the future of the Downtown District.  Here is the result of that vision and work:

Downtown Master Plan – Final Plan (03/03/2014)

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