2030 Comprehensive Plan

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Current Plan (2030 Plan)

The City of Georgetown 2030 Comprehensive Plan is an overarching long-term plan for the future of Georgetown.  The document contains the goals, policies and overall vision for a growing community, while maintaining the quality of life, history and charm of the city. The Georgetown plan will continue to be strengthened through careful planning, persistent implementation, new Plan Elements, and annual updates of the ongoing results of its policies and actions.

2030 Plan Document

Below you will find the 2030 Plan, broken up into chapters for easy use.  As required by the City Charter, additional elements of the 2030 Plan will be added in the future, in addition to those originally adopted during the Century Plan.  Plan elements adopted either before or after the main plan framework in 2008 are listed at the bottom of the page.

2030 Comprehensive Plan Elements

Citizen Participation
Housing Plan
Future Land Use
Overall Transportation Plan
Public Safety Plan