Georgetown 2030 Plan

Citizen Participation Plan

What is the Participation Plan?

A key component of good public policy is the opportunity for input and participation by affected constituents to assist policymakers in determining appropriate courses of action. Successful community initiatives can often be attributed to the strength, diversity, and degree of citizen contributions. The Georgetown Citizen Participation Plan is a foundation whereby City policies recognize the importance and application of meaningful public participation practices.

The Citizen Participation Plan is a City Charter‐required element of the Georgetown 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The Participation Element was developed over a six‐month period through the efforts of a City Council‐appointed citizen advisory group and a committee of City staff members. Both teams worked to establish the goals, policies and actions of the plan and the implementation schedule. The Plan was adopted on April 13, 2010.

Participation Plan Document

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Plan Mission Statement

The Citizen Participation Plan seeks to establish and coordinate procedures for the City to: effectively and efficiently communicate relevant information and its effects to the public, proactively solicit feedback, improve community outreach, and provide opportunities for public participation in the Cityʹs decision‐making process.

Citizen Participation Plan (complete document)

Implementation Action Schedule

Participation Survey

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