Georgetown 2030 Plan

Frequently Asked Questions-Old

Q    What is the City of Georgetown Downtown Master Plan?

A     The City of Georgetown Downtown Master Plan serves as the vision for the continued redevelopment of the Downtown commercial core. The plan will establish goals through 2030, designed to enhance the Downtown and provide a quality amenity for the community. As the City continues to grow, it is crucial that the Downtown District remain an economic, social and cultural center for the City.

Q    Is the plan a regulatory document?

A     The Downtown Master Plan is not a regulatory document, except for components identified in the Downtown and Old Town Design Guidelines. The Design Guidelines specifically reference the Downtown Master Plan in Chapter 8 – Design Guidelines for Site Design.

Q    How does the City utilize the plan?

A     The Downtown Master Plan serves as a framework for decisions regarding public and private projects. Not all projects will fit within the framework, nor do all projects require adherence to the plan. The City, to a certain degree, must respect the wishes and goals of private property owners.

Q    When will the plan be finalized? Is there a timeframe for implementing the plan projects?

A     Winter and Co. hope to present a finalized plan to the City Council in late February. The Plan Update will seek to update the Vision for Downtown through the year 2030 and will serve as a guide over the coming years as the City reviews and develops plans and projects in the downtown overlay.

Q    How is the plan developed?

A     The Plan Update process will begin with a Public Workshop in August and continue throughout the remainder of 2013. The Plan will celebrate recent successes in Downtown like new streetscaping, the new Library and numerous private investments.

The Plan will also challenge ideas from the past to see if they are still valid. If not, new recommendations will be made. In the end, the City will have a document that will guide a sustainable future for Georgetown.

Q    What has been accomplished since the first plan was developed in 2003?

A     Many of the public and private projects identified in the 2003 plan have been accomplished in the last 10 years. View the attached Downtown Overlay Projects Since 2003 file for additional details.

Q    Where can I read the 2003 Downtown Master Plan?

A     The 2003 Downtown Master Plan is available online through the City of Georgetown Web site.

Q    What all is included in the Downtown Overlay?

A     The Downtown Overlay Map delineates the boundaries of the overlay district. The Overlay includes a mix of uses, including commercial, residential and civic uses.

Q    What kind of zoning is permitted in the Downtown Overlay?

A     The majority of Downtown is zoned for Mixed-Use Downtown (MU-DT); however, there are areas zoned residential, office, etc. A map of the Downtown Historic Overlay with zoning designations can be found here.

Q    What is allowed in each zoning district?

A     The Unified Development Code (UDC) delineates permitted uses in specific zones. A copy of the UDC can be found here.

Q    How is the Downtown Master Plan paid for?

A     The plan is updated every 10 years using funds from the Downtown Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ). The TIRZ is funded though increases in appraised value in the downtown overlay. These increases in value equate to increase in the amount of property taxes collected. Any money collected due to the increased value are captured in a special fund. This fund is used to help pay for projects that benefit the Downtown Overlay district.

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