Georgetown 2030 Plan

Downtown Projects

The Georgetown Downtown District is rich in historical character and significance.  The 2003 Downtown Master Plan identified potential projects to enhance the downtown experience. Many of the economic ventures and public improvement projects have been completed over the last ten years, generating interest, improving public services, and enhancing our economic standing.  Overall, they have made their mark on our city map as destination locations.

New Streetscapes

In order to enhance pedestrian traffic and transform the Downtown District into a more pedestrian friendly area, a series of sidewalk and streetscape projects are underway.  The focus is to maintain the historical tone of the area, plant indigenous trees and landscapes that will provide interest and shade, as well as provide sufficient lighting for safety and security.  These projects may involve widening of the sidewalk path to provide adequate space for outdoor patio seating and ease the flow of pedestrian traffic.  The removal of parallel parking may be necessary to accomplish these goals, but will enhance public safety.  New streetscapes can be viewed and walked at the Georgetown Public Library, along Austin Ave between 7th and 8th Streets, and on Main St. between University Ave. and 9th Streets.  These public improvement projects are funded in part by revenues from the downtown tax increment reinvestment zone.

Williamson County Courthouse Restoration Project

In 2001, the Williamson County Courthouse was awarded a grant from the Texas Historical Commission’s Historic Courthouse Restoration Program for the restoration of the interior and exterior of the courthouse.  The restoration project restored the Courthouse’s Beaux Arts defining features, the District Courtroom (site of the 1923 Ku Klux Klan trial) and many other interior spaces. The courthouse was rededicated in 2006 and is a strong contributor to the architectural beauty of the Downtown District.

Georgetown Public Library

In 2007, the City of Georgetown embarked on an ambitious plan to build a state of the art public library that would meet the needs of our growing community for years to come.  Today’s public library is nearly three times the size of the old library at 50,000 square-feet and boasts a collection of nearly 90,000 books, videos, and other multi-media materials for borrowing.  The library has grown into its new location and is a busy hub of activity, offering a variety of enriching programs for our residents of all ages, including a café and public plaza.

New City Parking Lots

Our new public parking location provides 136 designated parking spaces and additional parallel parking options around the perimeter.  The parking lot has four hybrid-designated spaces for charging electric hybrid vehicles and is equipped with two convenient electric charging stations.  Additional city lots were added at Austin Avenue and 4th Street, greatly improving access to Downtown businesses.

Downtown Residences

In keeping with the goal to offer a range of building types that can help establish a pedestrian-rich environment, luxury townhomes were constructed two blocks from the square on Main Street in 2005.  These townhomes are well appointed and feature garages in the alley away from the street traffic and white picket fencing.  They range in square footage from 1,476 – 2,058.  Mature trees, green lawns, and modern color schemes make these homes inviting.

Georgetown Arts Center

The Georgetown Arts Center project began as a mere dream in early 2010 but became more tangible in late 2010-2011 with the relocation of the fire administration staff from Fire Station #1.  Construction began in 2012 and will be completed in 2013. The finished space will include a gallery, a meeting room/studio for classes, a gift shop, and an outdoor splash pad.

Tamiro Plaza (Phase 1)

Tamiro Plaza was built in 2008 and is home to the Uptown Social Restaurant & Lounge.  The Plaza is a 38,000 square-foot four-story mixed-use complex able to accommodate office, retail, medical, restaurants, and residential tenants.  Panoramic views from the rooftop promenade, an indoor waterfall, and detailed architecture make the Tamiro Plaza a distinguishable Downtown Georgetown landmark.

El Monumento

Overlooking the San Gabriel River, the 7,700 square-foot El Monumento restaurant is a unique dining experience offering upscale traditional Mexican inspired dishes with fresh ingredients from local farms.  Although a new building, El Monumento was designed to mimic the historical district with a warehouse feel created by the high ceilings and glass window walls.  The property uses water features and both edible and ornamental landscaping.  There are four separate dining areas that include an open kitchen, an interior courtyard, a terrace, and a dining pavilion that make this energy efficient and environmentally friendly restaurant a pleasure for patrons.

Monument Café & Gardens

Originally the location of the Mac Haik Ford Dealership, the 6,600 square-foot Monument Café was built and constructed in 2008 repurposing nearly 90% of the original building materials.  The newly constructed café utilizes the latest in sustainable technologies and is environmentally friendly. The Monument prides itself in serving made to order dishes prepared in house from scratch using real ingredients, many of which are locally grown and raised and certified organic.  Adjacent to the café is the 10,000 square-foot Monument Market housed in the former auto service garage, updated to incorporate sustainable methods.  Here, patrons may purchase the same quality ingredients used to prepare dishes in the café.  The site is also home to a traditional Biergarten featuring live music.  The Monument Café initiated sustainable development in our Historic Downtown District and has been recognized by the Texas Downtown Association.

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