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Williams Drive Gateway Plan

The City of Georgetown is updating the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, which serves as the roadmap for our future. The Update includes a small area plan for Williams Drive between Austin Avenue and Lakeway Drive. This small area plan builds upon the findings of the 2017 Williams Drive Study. Your participation is crucial to the planning process and we would like your feedback.

Email until March 9th, 2020, to set up Office Hours with Staff, a one-on-one opportunity to have your questions answered.


The plan focuses on a 558-acre area consisting of established neighborhoods and commercial development along Williams Drive between San Gabriel Park and Lakeway Drive, along with the adjacent developments and neighborhoods. The vision of the plan is a vibrant mixed-use center and gateway and establishes policies for future development of the area. This plan designates future land uses, desired street networks, and public and private improvements. This plan provides City-adopted policy direction to guide decision-making and prioritization of development opportunities, transportation improvements, and partnerships.

  • The Plan establishes a vision and objectives for the development and future of the Williams Drive area with unique character.
  • Public and private agencies will use this plan in coming years for many purposes and actions that affect the form and function of the area.
  • The Plan provides city-adopted policy direction to guide decision-making and prioritization of development opportunities, transportation improvements and partnerships.


The recommendations from the 2017 Williams Drive Study and policies below support the updated 2030 Plan goals.


Previous Planning Efforts

Since 2003, several studies have been completed outlining the redevelopment strategies for the Williams Drive gateway corridor.  The most recent study was completed in 2017.

Why Now?

  • City Council direction to update the City’s Comprehensive Plan to incorporate Williams Drive recommendations
  • Opportunity to align overall goals for growth and development in the 2030 Plan with area specific objectives
  • The community has told us this area is special and it should develop in a unique way

Next Steps

  • 2/12 Open House from 430-7 at the Library, 406 W. 8th
    • If you can’t make the open house:
      • Full Plan posted online
      • Office hours and community partner events
    • 2/18 P&Z – Public Hearing and Recommendation
    • 2/25 City Council – Public Hearing and 1st Reading
    • 3/10 City Council – Public Hearing and 2nd Reading

Input Opportunities

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