Georgetown 2030 Plan

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Update Process

Purpose of the Plan Update

Georgetown’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2008, provides long-range guidance for the community’s development and character. All comprehensive plans must be updated periodically to remain useful to the community.  This 2030 Plan Update is intended to address the following:

    • To engage the community and collect meaningful input that will guide the updated plan’s recommendations;
    • To examine recent population growth and demographic shifts, which can change a community’s needs and priorities;
    • To consider recent developments or opportunities that may not have been known during the previous plan process; and
    • To reflect the progress that the City has made since the 2030 Comprehensive Plan was originally adopted.

This update is not intended to rewrite the entire 2030 Plan; instead it is intended to update critical elements that no longer reflect the community’s circumstances or goals, or to introduce new elements into the Plan’s scope, such as incorporating a housing needs assessment and targeted housing recommendations.

Importance of Public Engagement

The importance of public engagement in this process cannot be overstated. This 2030 Plan Update will be YOUR plan and must reflect the community’s vision, goals, and priorities for the future. Every step of the update process relies on participation from Georgetown’s diverse community in order to ensure that these needs, desires, and values are reflected in the Plan.

Phases of the Plan Development Process

The plan development process will follow the flow indicated by the figure below. Click on the figure to learn more about each phase.


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