2030 Comprehensive Plan

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The 101 On Gateways


The identity of a community is crucial in helping improve its perception among residents and visitors. This identity is often supported by unique branding, which can create a strong sense of place, add variety to visual monotony, and separate a community from its surroundings. Additionally, economic development can be affected; gateways and image corridors can complement adjacent property values and encourage investment in properties along these corridors.

Georgetown has fourteen different image corridors within its city limits, classified as either Highway, Scenic, or Downtown gateway.  This part of the 2030 update will identify goals and policies for the location, character, design, streetscape, and signage of our city’s gateways and image corridors.

Gateways and Corridors Defined:

What defines our Gateways vs our Image Corridors?  Gateways are design features designating entry into a city, special neighborhood, or district. Gateways are some of the first features visitors see when they arrive and provides one of the last impressions for visitors when they leave. Gateway designs encompass everything from street setbacks, lighting, signage, landscaping, and architecture surrounding that point of beginning.

Image corridors, currently referred to as ‘Gateways’ in our development code, are design enhancements and development standards which provide a cohesive and desirable appearance along a major roadway. Unlike gateways, image corridors are designed to extend the length of a given area, helping create a sense of place through urban design elements used around and throughout the corridor.  The image on the right is located within the ‘Downtown Gateway’, however it functions as the downtown image corridor with its uniform design standards.  An image corridor is meant to accentuate the identity set forth by its Gateway’s classification and policies.

The current standards that define the City of Georgetown’s three gateway designations can be found in the city’s Unified Development Code (UDC).

Key Gateways Items with this Update:

        • GATEWAY SURVEY – Over 300 residents participated in the Gateway Survey. Read the results of the survey and professional round tables held on gateways here:

Gateways Input Report

        • REDEFINE OUR GATEWAYS – The image our gateways should provide is key to setting the expectation that is Georgetown.  The gateway survey will help narrow down items of importance, concern, and success.
        • CORRIDORS OF FOCUS – Identifying the major corridors that will help define/drive the image of Georgetown home with visitors, passersby, and the community.
        • GATEWAY STANDARDS – To provide an updated and modern approach to achieving the look and feel agreed to by the community.